We've all done it... spend 5 hours on the internet to save $20 on a pair of shoes or a night in a motel.  Buying property is different.  It's hard to become an expert in because most people only buy a few properties in their lifetime.  Buying property is the biggest investment most of us will ever make and the difference between buying well and poorly is measured in tens of thousands of dollars, and more.  

Every person has a unique need in real estate.  Some people need help avoiding the lemons, for others it is purchasing something really special and for still others it is simply about getting a great deal.  My passion is to connect with client to discover that need, and then solve it. It's a partnership.  

Most people never achieve their goals because they lack the technical knowledge & confidence to move forward. Our experience means you never pay too much and are always fully informed about a property so you have peace of mind.

Choose Precium if you're ready for great results.    If you understand that wasting precious time, taking silly risks and overpaying on an asset worth hundred’s of thousands of dollars is false economy. 




Precium clients are a range of interesting folk (thank goodness - I don't do boring!).  Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Singles, couples, families, new investors, experienced ones.  Anyone really.  The thing my clients have in common is the desire to make good property decisions and they are ready to take action.  


  • I help people looking to buy their very first home or investment.

  • I help experienced investors strategically grow their portfolio.

  • I help people invest in South Coast & Regional NSW in a range of key locations.

  • I help people buy in their Self Managed Super Funds.

  • I help people looking to relocate to the South Coast.

  • I help people downsize and upgrade.

  • I help people find the right holiday home.

  • I help people buy in their own names, and in companies and in trusts.


Who CAN't We work with?

  • If you are a seller or sales agent; sorry, we work for buyers only.

  • If you aren't ready to purchase or don't qualify for finance yet we might suggest you come back later (which is fine BTW so feel free to ask).

  • If you want free or discount inspections or auction service, we don't currently offer this.

  • If you don't want to develop a close working partnership based on open communication we are probably not the right kind of team for you.

  • If you want to be disrespectful or dishonest we can't work together as all our relationships are based on respect.




  • You want to avoid the lemons at all cost.

  • You know that guessing is just gambling, and trial and error is far to costly in real estate.

  • You want your weekends back for living life.

  • You hate being lied to by sales agents.

  • You want to know where the best areas to buy are.

  • You want to make sure you never pay too much.

  • You want to understand exactly what kind of property you can safely afford.

  • You know that on your own you might miss something important.

  • You want a system that will work.

  • You believe trust still matters in today's world.





I deliver results with great service, or your money back - every time.  I will find your next investment property in 120 days.  The success fee will not be charged unless I find you a property you like enough to purchase, and I won't waste your time with mismatched properties.  I will work hard to provide you a great result and an easier buying process every time or your money back.




  • Discover your unique "property personality" and understand why this should inform all your choices.

  • Development of your particular strategies and methodology to reduce the overwhelm.

  • LVR and DSR advice to ensure you only buy the property you can safely afford.

  • Research based on proprietary blend of metrics that the public and the media don't comprehend.

  • Genuine deal finding including on and off market options.

  • Cashflow analysis so you have peace of mind knowing what your costs will be before you commit.

  • Experienced negotiator to help you avoid falling for tricky agent's tactics.

  • Help to avoid the sharks in relevant industries along the way.

  • Thorough due diligence process to reduce the risk of purchasing the wrong property..

  • Interview process for choosing a quality property manager and weeding out the poor performers.


As you can see its the A-Z process that sets Precium apart.  





Assurance of QUALITY:


INDEPENDENT - Any BA you work with should NOT accept payments for selling property or from services they recommend.  We don't. 

LICENSED - Any BA you choose must be licensed by Fair Trading.  We are. 

INSURED - Any BA you choose must carry Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.  We do. 

REBAA MEMBER - Any BA you choose should ideally be a member of Australia's Peak Body REBAA.  We are.




If you don't need a Buyers Agent just yet but just want to get smart about buying property - then download our Property Buyer’s Cheatsheet.  Everyone can benefit from that.  Click Below.